Cherry Orchard Primary Academy
Breakfast Drop Ins

Breakfast Drop Ins

Breakfast Drop-Ins take place on the first Thursday of each month and will feature a different guest speaker to speak on a range of topics.  This gives parents the opportunity to meet with various members of staff,  engage in parent workshops and allow for question and answer sessions on specific topics as advertised on the Flyer.

Breakfast Drop-Ins will run in conjunction with our on-site caters Olive, who can provide hot breakfasts, provided these are booked and paid for in advance.  Click here to sign up for breakfast on line.  Even if you don’t want breakfast, feel free to drop in for a coffee and a chat with members of staff, who will be pleased to answer any of your queries. The first Thursday in September has been set aside for our invitation to parents interested in joining the PTA.  As this is only the second day of school, refreshments will be available but no breakfasts will be on sale.  Please watch this space for our October flyer.