Cherry Orchard Primary Academy


Parents wishing to be part of Cherry Orchard Parent Teacher Association met on Thursday 13th September to form the new Parent/Teacher Association.  Sign-up slips and nominations for committee roles were distributed.

The PTA are a very important part of life at Cherry Orchard Primary Academy and we welcome any new or existing parents to be part of a team of volunteers for the 2018/19 academic year.  Nominations for the main officers on the Steering Group have been distributed or can be picked up from the Office.  Nominations close on Monday 1st October and if more than one person is nominated for a particular role, this will be put to the vole.

Additional members will be required to represent each of the classes and Nursery.  Even if you are not able to afford the time to be actively involved with PTA meetings on a regular basis, you can still be part of the helping and support group – or just email your class representative if you have any exciting fund raising ideas.

Look forward to meeting with you in the near future.