EHCP Entrance and Exit Criteria

Entry Arrangements

Children who are subject to an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment may be identified as suitable for the provision. In this case the relevant Kent SEN officer will send the child’s paperwork for consideration by the Academy.

Children with an existing Education Health and Care Plan may be identified as appropriate for a place in the SRP through their Annual Review. In this case the school should make the relevant Kent SEN officer aware of the request for a change in provision/placement and if appropriate he/she will send the child’s paperwork for consideration by the Academy.

Designated staff from our school will visit the child to observe them in their current setting and liaise with staff to gain further insight into their needs and to support the decision making process.

The decision to offer the provision will be taken by the relevant SEN Manager.

Exit Arrangements

Each pupil’s progress will be closely monitored and reviewed by the specialist staff in collaboration with mainstream school staff and parents/carers including the pupil as appropriate.  Other professionals may be involved.

The EHCP In Year review and Annual Review meetings will regularly consider the outcomes of support to determine whether the needs of the pupil continue to require this level of provision.  If significant changes in the pupil’s profile occur, therapy input and alternative provision may be considered. Transition from the provision to a mainstream setting will be considered at the point where a child has made progress and no longer needs the provision. This could be where:

  1. Resultant or additional learning needs can be met within the mainstream setting
  2. The child is at the end of Year 6 and transferring to secondary school.
  3. Alternative provision will also be considered where a child needs a higher level of specialist support or an alternative type of support because their presenting needs have changed. This will be through in year reviews and the Annual Review process.

When a child is ready to leave the provision, effective transition will be planned and supported to enable success in the new setting.