Cherry Orchard Primary Academy



‘The PTA, Design a Christmas wrapping paper to be cancelled due to the deadline date having passed. Christmas card competition is still being run by the Leigh Academy trust. All other activities planned for the Christmas Fair to go ahead. Thank you’

GREAT NEWS – Our local Co-operative Store will be adopting coPTA as their local charity!  More news to follow but get Shopping at your local Co-op Store on the Ebbsfleet Estate.

Hi Louise Pullen,

Congratulations! Cherry Orchard Parent Teacher Association has been chosen to benefit from the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund.

The funding round will open on 27 October 2019 and close on 24 October 2020.

During this funding phase, Co-op Members will be able to choose you as their local cause.

Every time a member buys selected own-brand products and services, 1% of the money they spend goes to local causes in their community, so it’s important you raise your profile and encourage members to choose your cause.

To get you ready for the launch, please encourage your supporters, volunteers, friends and family to become a Co-op Member. They can join online at

We’ll contact you next week when the round opens with more information about how the fund works. We’ll also invite you to a special webinar so you can ask questions and find out more.

Congratulations once again, we’re looking forward to supporting your project and helping you make great things happen in your community.

Best wishes,

April Armstrong

Co-op Local Giving Manager