History Curriculum Statement

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At Cherry Orchard Primary Academy, we intend that through the transdisciplinary nature of the IB Primary Years Programme, all pupils will be taught a breadth of world history in a meaningful, context based way that has relevance to the diverse nature of the student body.  Students will develop a holistic knowledge of the past and its events, with an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.  History teaching will be important for students to learn how they can impact and improve the world around them through their judgement and decision making.  Teaching will be informed by the National Curriculum along with the students own agency and inquiry.

The history curriculum will be delivered in a considered and collaborative manner, conscious of pupils previously established knowledge and understanding.  Key knowledge and skills have been mapped, using appropriate curriculum frameworks, within the six key transdisciplinary themes, to ensure appropriate progression between year groups and throughout the school.  Children will be introduced to and immersed in relevant and appropriate experiences including historical language, chronology, historical sources and opportunities to ask and answer questions along with make judgements about historical events and why they happened.

Teaching of historical skills through the transdisciplinary themes will allow children to view and understand history in a wider context, pupils will be able to recognise and discuss significant events, figures and periods of time, and the impact of these relating to themselves and the world around them.  Progressive teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum will demonstrate the children’s acquisition and understanding of key knowledge along with creating a greater chronological understanding, enabling students to draw on previous learning experiences.  Transferable skills such as independent inquiry, discussion, analysis and debate taught in the context of history will prepare students for the next phase of education both within the classroom and beyond.