Speech & Language Resource Provision (SLCN)

Currently two students from each year group up to Year 5 have places in The Oaks specialist resource provision (SRP); their support and provision is planned by the lead SEN Teacher – Mrs. Hughes – who also plans a highly differentiated curriculum for both their mainstream classes and the Resource Provision.  Pupils split their time between their mainstream year group class, where access to the curriculum is applicable and have 1:2 or very small group work in either the Oaks or Laurel classrooms.

Cued articulation, visual resources and signing are used extensively across the Academy, in both mainstream and within the provision; wherever possible, students from the SRP are encouraged to join in all social and whole school activities; such as assemblies, singing practice, play/ lunch times and topic work.

All pupils in the SRP at Cherry Orchard Primary Academy have Education, Health and Care Plans. We are committed to ensuring that their identified needs are met. This involves creating exciting, relevant and high quality opportunities for them to learn and make progress. We are committed to maximising learning opportunities and lesson time, maintaining a balance of education and care, with the emphasis on learning. We aim to ensure that pupils’ physical and communication needs are met as a priority to enable them to access the range of opportunities within their school-based education.

We will ensure that we take into account:

  • Chronological age – affecting which key stage the child is placed in and the curriculum they follow
  • Developmental age – affecting how much we differentiate the curriculum
  • Child’s personality – affecting how staff relate to the child, and their social needs
  • Favourite learning styles of child – affecting how we deliver learning activities
  • Condition and diagnosis – for example Communication needs, Autistic Spectrum Condition, Communication needs –  this impacts how we deliver activities particularly with reference to the time allowed for children to respond
  • Behaviour needs – affecting level of support required and how we deliver the curriculum and other school activities


Pupils are included in their mainstream classes and will come to the SRP for specific interventions, such as: Targeted Maths and Phonics support, Word Aware, Language for Thinking, Social Skills, Colourful Semantics, Clever Fingers, Sensory Circuits, Listening Skills and Memory Skills. 

We aim to improve the range, quality and number of learning opportunities:

  • By differentiating the curriculum to make it appropriate to the needs of all the pupils
  • Through planning and assessing for learning opportunities, for example, at lunchtimes and on educational visits off-site
  • Through healthy living
  • Through communication
  • Through reflection on learning, for example, using WALT and WILF
  • By sharing information with parents/carers, for example, in the home/school contact book.