Transition Arrangements

Dear Parents / Carers   13th July 2021

Transition Arrangements for children moving up to the next year group

Following a few questions from parents,  particularly in regard to transition for the Year 3 Bubble, we are writing to confirm arrangements for Thursday and Friday this week, when children will find out who their new class teacher and teaching assistant will be for next year.  Transition slips for parents will be posted on the Google Classroom at 10 am on Thursday.

KS1 & KS2 Drop Off / Pick Up Times: Children in current Years 1 – 5 should arrive at their current year group bubble times on Thursday, where they will be taken to class to register. From there, all children will move up to their new classroom to meet their new class teacher and TA,  to spend some time doing activities, learning all about their new class and what they can expect next year .  They will then leave class at the end of the day with their new class teacher, at their current staggered class bubble time.

EYFS Drop off / Pick Up Times:  Children in the current Reception classes should arrive at their current bubble time at their usual entrance on the Nursery side of the building to register; they will then move into Year 1 for their transition day activities.  Reception children should be picked up on the main school playground at their usual pick up time of 2:45pm, where they will be dismissed to parents by their new class teacher.

Current Year 3: Children currently isolating in the Year 3 Bubble will have their own face to face transition day to meet their new class teachers on Monday 19 July, when all the Year 3 children return to school.

Children in vulnerable groups will have had an opportunity to speak with their current and new class teachers during the first three days of this week and may receive a transition booklet to take home during the holidays.

All children should arrive at school on Thursday and Friday in their school uniforms – no PE kits will be required. 

We hope this answers any queries you may have about transition, please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns