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In September, every child receives a reading record, which serves as the main link between home and school.

Any messages that you need to give to teachers should be written in the reading record. Please then leave the reading record open in your child’s clear folder and any open books will be checked every morning and responded to as quickly as possible.

If your child’s class teacher has a message for home, it will also be written in the reading record, which will then be placed, open, in their clear folder. This includes any minor accidents or first aid. For more serious accidents, a member of staff will either make a phone call home during the day or speak to you at home time.

Most mornings, you will see teaching assistants at the gate and class teachers will be inside classrooms to greet the children and support them with morning activities. We ask that you use the reading records for messages so that teaching assistants are free to support the children as they come into school. It can also be difficult for lots of messages to be remembered and recalled accurately, so writing them down is the easiest way to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.

Class teachers are usually available at the end of every school day, so if you do need to speak to us, please pop a note in the book to arrange a chat, or just come in and see us after the children have been dismissed.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this, in order to ensure positive communication between home and school.