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In Reception we begin teaching maths through songs, rhymes and stories. We then focus on one number over the course of a week, looking in depth at what the number looks like and how it can be made and changed. We use the ‘Numberblocks’ series to support children’s understanding of numbers and create a class ‘Numberland’ which the children can access throughout child initiated time, to practise and embed the skills they have been taught. We also introduce aspects of size, shape and measurement with each number.

It is important for young children to experience numbers in a huge range of ways, representing them with a variety of resources. This includes ‘maths’ resources such as numicon, blocks and counters, but also ‘natural’ resources, such as stones, sticks and any household items. Day to day activities, such as counting, talking about times of the day and baking or cooking are all essential to mastering both simple and complex maths concepts.