Cherry Orchard Primary Academy
About Us


The Academy is a new two-form entry primary academy for students between the ages of 3 – 11. The academy will therefore admit a maximum of 60 children into each year between Reception and eventually Year 6. The academy will enjoy brand new facilities, a nursery for pre-school age children and a small centre for children with speech, communication and language needs.

The academy opened initially with places available in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and has now increased to Year 3.  It will develop into older year groups until it is fully open in 2021.  A Nursery for around 30 children also opened in September 2017 and currently enjoys a full waiting list.

If your son or daughter is at the academy they will have an outstanding educational opportunity and experience as we:

  • Inspire them and developing a joy of learning, enabling them to achieve their best in everything they do.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation between them and each adult at the academy.
  • Provide a caring, healthy environment where they are nurtured and encouraged, and where their every success is celebrated.
  • Work closely with you making sure together that they are happy, safe and successful.

At Cherry Orchard Primary Academy, we will strive to ensure that our children receive the very best education that we can deliver. Our core purpose is to enable all pupils to excel in their academic, social and personal achievement. We will achieve this through creating a safe, stimulating, supportive and inclusive environment where the health, safety and well-being of all members of our community are at the heart of everything we do. At our Academy, we promote a passion for life-long learning through an engaging curriculum that develops independent learners. We develop citizens who will take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world at local, national and global levels. Respect for self and respect for others underpins all aspects of school life. We believe every child is entitled to enjoy his or her childhood. As a consequence, Cherry Orchard Primary Academy will always be a friendly and welcoming place, where laughter is often heard and definitely encouraged.




For more information or to apply for an in-year place, please contact the office on 01322 242011 or email: