Tapestry Google Classroom

Google Classroom for KS1/2 and Tapestry Learning Journal EYFS

Short video clips to help with technical difficulties logging in, submitting work or attaching files & photos.

  • Click here to view our Guide for Parents on Remote Learning
  • Parent Workshop Part 1:  click here to view the link.
  • Parent Workshop Part 2:  click here to view this link.
  • Logging in and navigating GC: the following short video clip gives tips on setting up – see here:  Google Classroom
  • Submitting or ‘turning in’ work: for marking and comment: Here is the video link to remind you how to attach multiple files and photos of work.
  • Accessing ‘Live’ Google Meet Sessions:  Click on the link for a Guide to Google Meet
  • Benefits of Tapestry Online Learning Journal: you can view this here as well as a Guide to Parents on its use if you are unsure.
  • How to add an observation on Tapestry: The following video also shows how to add observations How to add an observation.

Additional information to support working and technical difficulties in the Google Classroom

  • Handing in Work: Please remember that work MUST only be handed in via assignments on the Google Classroom.  In answer to some questions, you can attach multiple photos and files at the same time to an assignment
  • Tapestry Learning Journal for Reception & PreschoolFor our EYFS children, online learning continues to be via Tapestry.  Reception and Preschool parents have a login for this learning platform and again it is vitally important that all Reception pupils comment on the ‘Question of the Day’ observation, to register their child every day. If your child has not been active for a few days, this will initiate a telephone call to check in – exactly as we would if your child was absent from school – albeit this will not be a first day call, as we appreciate access to Tapestry can be at different times throughout the day.
  • A range of EYFS activities will be posted on Tapestry, some weekly and some daily and wherever possible activities using equipment that is readily available at home will be planned. There is no pressure to complete all the activities every day but it is important to answer the daily question.  If you have lost your log in or need some help – please contact the office.
  • Live Google Meet Sessions: w/c 4/5 sees the introduction of  ‘live’ virtual meetings between teachers.  You will receive notification in the Google Classroom or by Tapestry to sign your child up for a ten-minute interaction slot in small groups of five or six students.  If you haven’t received notification – please log in to your account on the Google Classroom (Years 1 – 4) or Tapestry (Year R).
  • Etiquette for Live Google Meets:  to meet safety requirements, a responsible adult must agree to the live session Etiquette sent with our letter.  It is important to note that this is not a lesson, but a fun based catch-up session to enable teachers and students to remain connected during these difficult times.
  • Adding files or videos as attachments: make sure you are logged in as your child i.e. on your child’s google login.
  • Live Stream on Google Classroom:  If your child posts a comment in the live stream (daily chat) – they are talking to their classmates and teacher i.e. the class.  You can upload videos or photos here too to interact with the class as a whole. These are monitored by class teachers and our online safety policy is strictly adhered to, so please be mindful your child’s comments are polite, relevant and kind.
  • Private Comments: If you wish to speak to the class teacher directly for help, guidance or feedback on your work, this should be done via the private comment box which can be accessed by viewing the assignment in the classwork tab – and this will only then be seen by the class teacher and student.
  • Classroom email addresses:  are not monitored.  If you have an urgent query email the office directly on office@cherryorchardprimary.org.uk  or message the class teacher if this is about work in the ‘live stream’.
  • Registration: For safeguarding reasons with effect from Monday 20 April a ‘virtual register’ will be introduced across the Academy.  Your child should log on and answer ‘YES’ at any point up to 7 pm every day.  If your child has not engaged or registered over a period of a few days, you will receive a telephone call as usual, although this will not be first day calling.