Cherry Orchard Primary Academy
Home Learning

Home Learning

Please try not to worry about how much or how little other children in your child’s class are doing – you know what is appropriate for your child, what works for your family and how manageable it is for you as a parent. It doesn’t matter when or if work is completed – even if it says the task is late.  Teachers will always look at any work that is submitted.

The home learning is there for you to access where possible; some children thrive on engaging with their teachers and peers, whilst others may find it stressful.  Our advice is to do as much as you can manage, even if it’s uploading a video, a photo or a drawing – just so long as your child is proud to share their work and is enjoying the tasks they are undertaking..  

The most important thing is that you and your child are safe, well and happy!   


Please note:  We will be adding more content onto the drop down tabs for The Google Classroom, Support for Parents and Additional Learning Links as we develop information – please watch this space!